Personal Belongings: Travelling light or not….

Stuff. How do we gather so much of it? How many personal belongings do we actually need?

I, for one, am sure that I started off my journey into adulthood fairly light – and I am not talking about healthy cooking at home versus the onslaught of takeaways when I embraced unilife! Loading up my car to go to University was a fairly calm affair. At the end of the first year, it was a different story. I would have killed for a service like UniWiz by year two. However, I didn’t do boarding school. You boarding school peeps have so much stuff?! Our record for this summer’s collection from a boarding school, ready to go to University, is a staggering 19 boxes. 19!

Pile of UniWiz boxes storing students belongings

But, I totally get it. Those University rooms are so blank and, at times, cell-like. Some University halls look like lush hotels to be fair, but still hotels don’t ever truly feel like home. Ask any touring musician. Rooms need some serious personality injected if they are to feel like home. And those of you who have gone through boarding school have experience of these blank shells. 19 boxes of stuff will certainly personalize a room.

However, what about the whole “worldly possessions” question and how we should be alright without them? Buddhism says we must “let go of mental attachment and cravings for all possessions”. Going beyond not having stuff to actually not even wanting it. But then Buddhist monks don’t generally go to University…..

Whether you are a 3 box or a 19 box kind of student, UniWiz will certainly help your move be less painful.