Five films to sum up your journey to University

The journey to University is a tough and challenging one. The journey at University more so. And don’t get me started on post-University life. However, I always turn to films. Films ground me and give me an escape. Here we go through five films that sum up a student’s journey to University.


Good Will Hunting – 1097 Drama/Indie

good will hunting film


You are grossly under prepared but feel like University is where you should be going. The expectations are high. Your parents want you to succeed. Your teachers are doing everything in their power to help you succeed. You wish you were more like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting or a brief moment of genius could just hit you for the couple of weeks of exam time. So many thoughts rage through your brain. You not only have to deal with A-Levels, you also have to deal with the mind blowing amount of thoughts in your head – will you alienate your friends who are not going to University, are you picking the right course, what if you hate it, what if you don’t get in? Unfortunately, we don’t all have a Robin Williams to help us either.


Panic Room – 2002 Drama/Crime

Panic Room film


The moment has come. You enter the school sports hall. The uniform desks laid out in perfect lines. Spaced out to avoid cheating. Those oh so recognizable papers on the desk. You have your pens, pencils, rulers all in that slightly tatty, plastic sandwich bag. This is it. Time to pass these exams. Take a breath. You are in that room. There is no getting out now. But, take a breath. You can do this. You have two hours to give it everything you have got and that is that. Don’t panic!

And, then its time for….

Summer Holiday – 1963 Romance/Musical

Summer Holiday film with Cliff Richard


You are free! The sun is shining and you can go on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on a summer holiday. No more worries for me or you. For a week or two. We’re going where the sun shines brightly. We’re going where the sea is blue. We’ve seen it in the movies. So, let’s see if it’s true ….. Sorry, I’ll stop. But, who doesn’t love this old classic. The summer is for a few bizarre adventures, seeing new places, meeting new people, perhaps dressing up as a man to be able to get on a bus with Cliff Richard. (Is it just me or was Cliff Richard weirdly hot back then!?) Enjoy and relax.


But, then…

The Incredibles – 2004 Action/Adventure

The Incredibles film


Then, it is results day. The moment that you realize that you are actually a superhero. Hopefully, the results are exactly what you had hoped for. Perhaps even better! And hopefully, your friends have been Incredible 2 (see what I did there!?) But, if you haven’t quite got what you expected or needed. Please do not panic, there are so many options out there. See our recent post about expecting the unexpected.



And finally…

Eat, Pray, Love – 2010 Drama/Romance

eat pray love film


University life begins. Everything is new and exciting and it’s time to explore every opportunity. Remember to eat more than just pizza. Remember to pray for the coffee to kick in when that deadline is looming and well, love every minute of it. Enjoy.




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