Introducing UniWiz 2020 //

Welcome to UniWiz 2020! So much has happened in the last year and we are back bigger and better than ever! One thing that hasn’t changed is that we can still take your belongings from one place to another with as little hassle as possible! Here at UniWiz, we will collect your belongings, store them … Read More

UniWiz Award for best packing goes to….. //

We definitely see the good, the bad and the ugly at UniWiz HQ. (Not just the people that work here.) The packing. Some of you just ‘get it’ and some of you just don’t. That’s ok. We can’t all be good at everything. Perhaps you are heading for a 1st in Economics, so it’s ok … Read More

Alternative uses for your UniWiz cardboard boxes after delivery //

You have arrived at your new University, met your new housemates, had your boxes delivered and are now settled in. However, what are you going to do with your empty UniWiz cardboard boxes? Option 1: Store them for your next move – realistically University rooms are notoriously small but you may find space in a … Read More

New Student – 5 things to do in the weeks prior to starting University //

All the pressure of exams, stress of waiting for results and big decisions of where you are going to spend “the best years of your life” are now over. You know where you will be heading to University and it is just a few weeks until everything kicks off and you are officially a  new … Read More

University – where are you heading? //

*This blog is a delete as appropriate version! Please select the appropriate italicasized (that’s never a word!? Totally should be though) phrase. You are going to University so are clever and am sure can work it out.*   You have had a week to settle from the joy/devastation after seeing your exam results. How are … Read More

A-Level Results Day – the wait is finally over //

The wait is finally over. The last few weeks of counting down the days, briefly forgetting about it for a while and then being reminded by something or someone. Today, it is A-Level Results day. The day you find out whether you got what you hoped for and have to decide where you are heading. … Read More

Personal Belongings: Travelling light or not…. //

Stuff. How do we gather so much of it? How many personal belongings do we actually need? I, for one, am sure that I started off my journey into adulthood fairly light – and I am not talking about healthy cooking at home versus the onslaught of takeaways when I embraced unilife! Loading up my … Read More

Five films to sum up your journey to University //

The journey to University is a tough and challenging one. The journey at University more so. And don’t get me started on post-University life. However, I always turn to films. Films ground me and give me an escape. Here we go through five films that sum up a student’s journey to University. Firstly…. Good Will … Read More

Student issues: Expecting the Unexpected //

Life as a University student seems to be viewed in two ways. Either that it is the easiest three years ever, full of parties, napping and supported by a lovely student loan. Or it’s a seriously tough three years of lectures, all-nighters in the library and a whole heap of working out who you are … Read More

End of Term – now, it is time to relax until results day //

Exams are coming to an end, it is nearly the end of term and the sun is shining. Could anything be more perfect? Now is the time to relax and enjoy the summer – well, at least until the 16th August. Results day is two month away and then big decisions may need to be … Read More