Our pricing starts from just £99 we collect, store and deliver up to 3 standard boxes to their final destination, whether it be your university accommodation or back home! Also, there are NO hidden costs!

We’ll supply you with our standard UniWiz cardboard boxes and packing tape for FREE with your order. Please note we require all suitcases to be packed into boxes. If you need a UniWiz suitcase box, this is £5 for the first and £3 for each additional suitcase box.

Additional items
We can collect as many boxes as you pack and each additional item collected and stored is just £30. Our UniWiz standard boxes count as 1 item and suitcase boxes count as 2 items. Please note any belongings you send that don’t fit into our boxes will be charged as 3 items.

Additional storage
If you need your belongings collected before the summer storage period starts, you will be charged an additional £75 per 3 items.

Overweight items
We know it is easier to pack all your books in one box and all your clothes in another, however there will be a charge of £40 if your box is over 25kg, so please pack sensibly!

Gap year storage
If you’re taking a gap year or need your belongings stored for another year until you return to the UK, we can keep your belongings for the whole year for just £150 per 3 items.

Weekend delivery
We deliver your belongings on a weekday FREE of charge. If you need them on a Saturday, there will be an additional charge of £40 per 3 items.

International shipments
The basic price for our international shipments is £125 + £10 per box, this includes our collection, processing and administration fee. Once we have collected your belongings and they arrive in our warehouse, we are able to accurately weigh and measure each item and will then be able to provide you with a precise quote for shipping to the final destination. You will need to pay this additional charge, in addition to the basic price, before we can ship your items.

Packing service
If you left in a hurry and need us to pack up your belongings for you, we can make the magic happen! We will send a highly experience team to pack up your belongings safely! Please send us an email with your address and we will provide you with a bespoke packing quote. Please be aware that the packing charge is an additional charge on your order.

If you have any questions regarding our pricing please email us on [email protected]