Student issues: Expecting the Unexpected

Life as a University student seems to be viewed in two ways. Either that it is the easiest three years ever, full of parties, napping and supported by a lovely student loan. Or it’s a seriously tough three years of lectures, all-nighters in the library and a whole heap of working out who you are and what you want to be whilst supporting yourself for possibly the first time.

If you are going to embrace the student life and are heading to University, you may want to expect a mixture of the two but what you should definitely do is expect the unexpected.

Dealing with it

Part of the learning process of University is dealing with real life, generally unexpected events that you may have been protected from in your life so far with family around you. University is your first step into “going it alone”.

These unexpected events can happen in varying levels. There are the low level unexpected events like a lack of plates or milk when your new housemates have helped themselves to yours. To the high level stuff like house offers falling through at the last minute or courses being cancelled due to lack of interest.


Just remember to breathe and stay calm. Life will always throw you curve balls. I read somewhere that you just have to yell “Plot Twist” and keep going.

Plot twist, student expecting the unexpected

Expect the unexpected and just go with it.

Here at UniWiz, we often help people in these unexpected situations. We can collect your belongings at anytime of year if a plot twist happens – just get in touch. Plus we will send you packing materials, collect your items, store them and then deliver when you are ready. UniWiz offer a great Gap Year option too so if it is a huge whammy of a plot twist, just call it a Gap Year and start afresh. You will “start afresh” so many times in your lives.

Good luck guys.