Need a uni bucket list? Look no further!

You’re probably trying to get the most out of your uni experience. We have put together this bucket list of things that we think you should try to do before you finish uni!

1. Throw a house party – Who doesn’t love a party? PLus, if it’s your party you have full control over whether you want it themed or something very chill. Yes, you have to clean up after but the memories will stay forever.Concern student parties will spread Covid to communities | The Northern Echo

2. Hire a bike – You probably haven’t taken advantage of your little uni town, so why not hire a bike and take in sights. You might end up somewhere amazing and you would never know it existed without exploring!

3. Take part in a protest or demonstration – Make your voice heard and make a mark on your student life. Plus you get to make your own sign!

Scrapping grants will inspire another wave of student protests – how can  they win? | Red Pepper

4. Have a BBQ – In the summer, grab a group of friends have a BBQ. You can do this in the back garden of one of your student houses or make a day trip to a beach. It is a great way to socialise, catch up with friends and have a break from those dreaded essays.

5. Find a hill and watch a sunrise – You probably won’t have time to do this when you are in full time work, or if you do see it, it will be on you commute to your job. Take a moment to sit and watch the sunrise either by yourself or with a group of friends. The pictures will be epic.

Britain's most beautiful sunrises worth getting up early for |

6. Prank your housemates – When you leave uni you’ll either head back home or rent a place somewhere with “grownups”. So why not, take this time to pull a prank or two on your housemates. You won’t regret it! But remember they might try to get you back!

7. Do something for charity – Nothing better than giving back. You can make it as fun as you want and even involve your mates! Sponsored hair cut? Bake sale? Charity run? Do it!

How to Start a Charity? 9 Simple Steps You Need to Take

8. Express yourself! – The days of having to wear uniform to school or study subjects you’re not interested in are long gone. Take uni as a time to explore who you are! Want to dye your hair? Do it! Want to become fitter/join a gym? Do it! It’s your chance to try and experience everything.

Whatever you get up to in your uni year just make sure you are happy and doing what you want to do! Have we left something off this list that you think should be there? Let us know on Instagram.

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