University – where are you heading?

*This blog is a delete as appropriate version! Please select the appropriate italicasized (that’s never a word!? Totally should be though) phrase. You are going to University so are clever and am sure can work it out.*


You have had a week to settle from the joy/devastation after seeing your exam results. How are you feeling? Did you over do it on the celebrating/commiserating?

After months of waiting, it all then happens so quickly. You got exactly what you hoped for and get to accept your first choice University/didn’t get what you hoped for so had to have a rethink.  And then it is just happening and you finally know what the next few years of your life may potentially will look like. Or at least you have some vague picture that will never be the true case. Trust me. You can never be prepared for University madness. But it’s better than nothing!

Hopefully you are now feeling calm, settled and ready for the new adventure though? No!?/That’s great!

Once you have told your mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, neighbor, postman, primary school teacher……Add additional person as you see appropriate. Have you forgotten to tell the most important person though? Me!

Off to university

Your lovely belongings are tucked up snug in their boxes and ready for their next adventure too. The suspense is killing them. Well, not truthfully, they are inanimate objects but…. i’m not!

We can deliver to any address in the UK as standard but can also sort a gap year option or International shipment if you need.

Once you know, email us with……..

  • The name and exact address of your Halls at university including the postcode of where you would like your items delivered. We can only deliver to a main reception area and not to a room. Not because we are lazy but because Universities have rules about randomers walking through halls with random boxes.
  • A local UK mobile telephone number so we can text you on the day of delivery and let you know roughly when to expect your boxes.
  • The date you will arrive at University. We will arrange for delivery for the day after you arrive at University. Again, this is not because we are being annoying. It’s because Universities don’t like to receive boxes for people who haven’t yet officially enrolled!

Any worries get in touch or have a browse of our FAQs section.

Good luck peeps.