UniWiz Award for best packing goes to…..

We definitely see the good, the bad and the ugly at UniWiz HQ. (Not just the people that work here.) The packing. Some of you just ‘get it’ and some of you just don’t. That’s ok. We can’t all be good at everything. Perhaps you are heading for a 1st in Economics, so it’s ok that you suck at packing. However, we need to get your stuff to you safely and in one piece, so, bad packing isn’t great for us.

We received some boxes though, some special boxes. We decided they need to be awarded the Best Packed of 2018 award.

Great packing, using lots of cellotapeWith a Union Jack-esque cellotape usage, this box is the thing of dreams!

All jokes aside, the key to great packing and, more importantly, keeping the UniWiz Team happy and your items safe, is plenty of tape. We always send tape with our boxes. Use plenty of it. You need to cover the seams and edges. If the tape only goes a couple of inches down the side of the box, it can easily pop off and the box can open.

It is also important not to overload your boxes. The boxes are good quality cardboard but they have their limits. Our delivery team also have their weightlifting limits too.

So, in all seriousness. The UniWiz Team are considering a genuine award for next year. Perhaps the Best Packed of 2019 gets their boxes for free…….