Utilise, don’t categorise: How to pack your boxes effectively

We think our service is pretty good. We send you boxes, collect, store and redeliver. The bit we don’t do is the packing and unpacking. We love to help in anyway we can but truthfully, we don’t really want to sort through your mouldy sock drawer! Plus, only you can decide how you want your University room laid out and which drawer you want to put the aforementioned socks in.

You will need to do the packing bit. My advice though is utilise, don’t categorise. I will explain.

A box for shoes and clothes, a box for books and stationary, a box with kitchen stuff – sounds like a nice system but by categorising into areas you are not packing in the most effective way.

Things to consider:

  • Weight – you need to spread the weight so it’s not a good plan to put all your heavy books in one box and then 3 coat hangers and 2 t-shirts in another.
  • Fragility – your fragile items need protecting. Again, spread them across your boxes meaning they can be packed more successfully and there will be less risk of breakages.
  • Absorbency – a little tip my Grandmother gave me: put your shampoo bottle in a sock. The logic is that if the bottle splits, the sock absorbs the shampoo so it doesn’t spread so badly across your whole suitcase!
  • Not a perfect puzzle – maybe it is just me, but I like things to fit immaculately together. Like a puzzle. However, even if there is a little space the exact right size for that perfume bottle, don’t just complete the puzzle. Make sure you are using the space across all your boxes. The little space can remain unfilled.
  • Use items to wrap other items – socks make great cutlery holders, tshirts make great plate dividers. You are off to University – time to start thinking outside the box. (Or in this case technically, inside a box!?)
plates wrapped in hoodie

Plates lonely and likely to be broken vs plates having a lovely hoodie hug and likely to be just fine.

  • Not all items should be packed – your items are going to be in storage for a few months at least. Don’t pack any fresh food, it will not be fresh when redelivered. Avoid packing things you may need over the summer. Definitely don’t pack your highly valuable Faberge egg – for hopefully obvious reasons.

Don’t be this guy….

A bag with loose mugs, an example of bad packing

An example of bad packing. Not in a UniWIz box, not wrapped, mugs loose and likely to break

Have fun!

Also, if we are redelivering abroad, certain items are not allowed to be shipped internationally. This includes the crazy stuff like inflatable boats and firearms but also nail varnish, aerosols….. see here for full list.